iTunes 11 — The Return of the Sidebar!

Or, how to get iTunes looking back to “normal” after the latest upgrade.

By now, most Mac users have already been upgraded to the newest version of iTunes (11). And a lot of them are irritated, because the look and feel of the new version is very different from the old version.


“Updates, updates, updates!”
(hint: click the image to see gif animation)

But never fear!  There are ways to tweak iTunes 11 to make it look more like the “old version,” and the easiest way to start is to bring back the “Side Bar.”

1.  Switch to the “Songs” view.

switch to song view

2.  Find the “View” drop down menu and select “Show Sidebar.”

(On a Mac, this is in the top menu bar.  On a PC, you may need to make the menu bar visible first.)

show sidebar

3.  Enjoy the return of your playlists and sidebar.

sidebar is back

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